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clip in hair extensions
Did you check out the latest technique in hair extension application yet? If not, go ahead and watch the video. The women of Australia are using it, be one of them, today! The best way to apply hair extensions, clip-ins are creating quite a stir in the hairstyling industry. Out goes the long-term commitment of laborious sewing or gluing, in comes the swift and easy application of clip-ins! Buy them as small, 1-inch strips and apply them individually or as larger wefts of up to 6 inches long that may run around the entire head. For a day free of hassle and easy style, use clip-ins now.
how to apply clip in hair extensions
Convenient application of
micro loop hair extensions
Using hair extensions means laborious and time-consuming process for a lot of women. Well, not anymore! Grab your set of micro-ring hair extensions and say hello to easy and beautiful hairstyles! Recently developed, the micro rings or micro cylinders are the most convenient way to extend your natural hair. Do away with messy glues and complex sewing processes, switch to micro-rings. Finding favor with customers as well as hair stylists, micro-rings are not only easy to apply, but lightweight and flexible as well, besides being completely safe for the natural hair.
how to apply micro loop hair extensions
Easy application of prebonded hair extensions, here’s how
A personal favorite of many Australian women, prebonded hair extensions look and feel just like one’s natural hair. Better still, these hair extensions are very easy to apply and here’s how. Tipped with keratin adhesive at one end, these extensions are applied onto one’s scalp with the help if a fusion tool. This tool makes the adhesive melt onto the natural hair in an easy and swift manner. Available in small sections that is coated with keratin adhesive, prebonded hair extensions are less likely to shed. One can remove them one’s hair easily without causing any damage.
how to apply prebonded hair extensions
Tape-ins, an easy hair extension to use
For those who are low on time and high on the need for an impeccable style, go ahead and use tape-in hair extensions. Proving to be quite a famous hair product throughout Australia, tape-ins use a double-sided tape that can be directly applied onto the scalp sans any damage to your own hair. Instantly apply to parted areas of the head and voila, say hello to a beautiful looking hairstyle! For a completely invisible and all natural appearance, several Australian women have switched to tape-in hair extensions, go ahead and make that change! With hair that looks so luscious and natural, the hair in tape-in extensions is hand sewn into a clear skin base and then, is attached to a durable double sided invisible adhesive tape.
how to apply tape in hair extensions
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